October 31, 2006

A Reflection on Ellesmere Island

“A big part of the island’s magic for me is the sense I get from the landscape. It is as if the glaciers recently left, and all sorts of life forms are moving in to occupy the newly available habitat. It’s also about the fossils that reminded me of the remarkable story of an environment long ago that was very different from what is there today. I half expected to see a mastodon come round one of the hills. It is life at the edge . . . so hardy and diverse, yet so vulnerable to the extreme conditions.”

A Reflection on Ellesmere Island
Summer of 2005
Walter Medwid, Executive Director
International Wolf Center


  1. I am so jealous of what you did last summer! I am an avid wolf fan and refuse to die until I hear a pack howl in the wild :). Several years ago I joined the International Wolf Center and embarked on a week's long expedition in the Boundary Waters area between Canada and Minnesota. We looked for signs of wolf, but, aside from some very old scat; never saw them. Do you know if Dr. Mech ever takes amateurs on his summer visits? You know, a new perspective, as it were? If he does, I'm you woman!

  2. Donna, Hello and thank you for your enthusiastic comment! Dave Mech always takes just one other researcher with him to Ellesmere, but he had to make an exception last year because of some complications with the charter flights. HOWEVER - he does lead a trip to Sylmer Lake in Canada's Northwest Territories every summer. I co-lead and coordinate that trip. It is scheduled for August 9 - 19, 2007. For information, go to the following link on the Wolf Center's Web site. Please reply if this does not work. You can gete there by going to www.wolf.org, clicking on learning adventures, clicking on the Northwest Territories trip and again on the name of the trip to bring up this page with the details. Yellowstone is the place for the best chance of seeing and hearing wild wolves because several packs are often visible from the road that runs through the Lamar Valley in the northern range of the park. Check the Web site (www.wolf.org) for a trip to Yellowstone in January or February sponsored by the Wolf Center and lead by members of the education staff. Here is the Northwest Territories trip information link:


    Best wishes!
    Neil Hutt

  3. One additional comment for Donna and anyone else who is interested in the Northwest Territories trip: My fingers fumbled and there is a typo in my last post. The destination is Alymer Lake! Apologies! Neil Hutt