July 16, 2008

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

DAY 14

DAVE: There is not much to report. We had a problem with one of the ATV’s (all terrain vehicle), and that took much time, but it’s fixed. We sat out all evening at our base camp hoping the wolves would come to the area near the weather station but saw none. Weather is cloudy, but not much wind. It’s about 35 degrees, so it’s comfortable, and there are no bugs!

DEAN: I took a photo of Blacktop Ridge with snow on the high elevations and also one of icebergs in the fiord and of some dwarf fireweed.

Visible from the base camp, the brooding bulk of Blacktop Ridge looms in the near distance. The icebergs drifting in the fiord in July are reminders of just how far north the researchers are. But colorful flowers bloom briefly in summer in this otherwise stark landscape. Among them is the dwarf fireweed that covers the ground in places with a brilliant carpet of intense color.

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