July 18, 2009

July 18, 2009 - Heading Home

The first leg of the journey home is always the most crucial because we must be able to connect with the once-per-week commercial flight from Resolute to Yellowknife. It is also logistically the most difficult to arrange, but we were lucky to get on a twin otter cargo flight complete with 2 ATVs, a barrel of hazardous waste, our gear, and 3 Inuit women. Despite a poor weather forecast, we made it into Resolute by midnight and then enjoyed the luxury of a commercial hotel and began our transition back into the rest of the world. All that remains is to catch our plane out of Resolute.

Dave & Dean

Editors note

Here is a map Dean made with Google Earth. It shows the
weather station location, their observation point referenced in their daily postings and the for the collared male - a.k.a. "Brutus" because Dean and Dave think this big fellow may be the wolf known as "Brutus" in the 2006 Blog. See the dot with the 11 July 6 a.m. label. That location is 40.7 km (25.3 miles) from the observation point. Click the image for a larger view.


  1. Thanks Dave, Dean and Neil for another year's great blogging from Ellesmere. Wish I was heading out to join you guys in Yellowknife for the trip up to Aylmer Lake, maybe next year. Take care all


  2. Chris!

    You are truly one of the great spirits of the arctic. Every step on the tundra in the Northwest Territories as we are "crossing open ground" will be taken with you alongside us.

    Neil, Dave, Dean, Nancy, Debbie and Jerry