October 27, 2009

Here on this new map that covers Brutus' locations from September 24 through October 13 one can see several interesting things:

1. the pack's visit to the Eureka Weather Station on October 2 (see Oct. 14 entry);

2. the pack's visit on October 3 to the vicinity of a couple of old kills we found along the S. shore of the fiord in mid July; and

3. Brutus' visit to the shore of the SE arm of Eureka Sound on October 6
(Map 2). If you have Google Earth and zoom in on the area you will see that this shoreline is at the base of a pretty high ridge, possibly > 900 ft. (270 meters) high.

The Weather Station reports that the fiords are frozen and a layer of snow
covers everything. By early November, the sun will have set, not to be seen again until mid February. Dave


  1. I've just finished reading the blogs from 2006 to present, and I think it is so awesome how you're able track them. It is a pity you weren't able to also collar a breeding female, but oh well.

    Thanks for making this available to the public!


  2. Thanks for sharing your interest in the Blog, Lynx! Watch for the article by Ellesmere researcher Dean Cluff in the Spring issue of International Wolf magazine. We hope to continue to provide data from Brutus' collar throughout the long winter and to follow him and his pack in their travels. This is truly "break-through" science. Next summer's Ellesmere Island Research Expedition (July 2010) will present Dean and Dave with an opportunity to outfit another wolf with a GPS/ARGOS collar. The objective will be to collar the breeding female. Meanwhile, Brutus continues to be the chief researcher-in-residence in the High Arctic now. He has quite a fan club, and he has earned that distinction!

    Stay posted on the Blog and send any questions or comments.