November 24, 2009

I thought viewers might be interested in checking the current weather where the wolves are roaming.

To see current weather, visit the National Climate Data and Information Archive Web site.

Select "Nunavut" and then select "Eureka."

Need help converting Celsius to Fahrenheit? Visit



  1. Wow that's some seriously cold weather. Thanks for sharing this!

  2. When I was in Tulie Greenland in 1959 to 1960 the weather on the USAF base was 66 below and 167 mph winds and buried the total base with snow off the ice cap 25 feet deep in which we travled in troughts for months. It took down the 300 foot radio tower as well. My wild wolf was in the barecks with me and we doug out and up to the service. It was so hard packed you could walk on it and even drive on it. It took weeks to dig ou. Dr. Don Law Airmand second class MG-10 date flow tech flicht controls F102A delta dagger.