March 30, 2010

Back North, Visit Station, and Resume Usual Movements

Brutus and pack continued their northward trek to their usual area and stopped by the Eureka Weather Station on March 5th for about 36 hours. The staff counted at least 20 wolves at that time, including 8 that still appeared to be pups. This represents our highest count of pups. There could be more pups that were unseen or unidentified as pups, for at this time of year some pups will look like adults. Rai LeCotey, Station Manager reported “Half the pack (including Brutus) took off earlier today (I assume to go hunting). The rest of the pack (mostly pups) left later in the afternoon,” and Rai sent a few photos. The pack also visited the station again on March 10th, and Rai sent more photos. The pack then continued its usual movements around the Fosheim Peninsula of Ellesmere.


  1. Wow! They are beautiful! So the sun is up there now,huh?

  2. Anonymous,
    The sun came up about Feb. 20 for about an hour. By March 21, of course, it was up for 12 hr, like everywhere else.