April 27, 2010

Stay Tuned

The download today showed no change in the collar's location, and we have no further information from the weather station. Thus the best evidence is that the collar is either off Brutus, or Brutus is dead. If the weather station folks learn anything more, we will post that information here. Otherwise we will not find out anything more until about July 4, when we will return to the area.

However, we will be assessing and analyzing the > 500 locations accumulated so far and posting preliminary results here. So please check in now and then for further information.

We understand how it might seem sad that Brutus might be dead. However, he lived 10 years, and in most places, only one in 200-300 wolves lives that long. He certainly provided us with much good information, not only during this study of his movements, but also in previous years when we sat near his den and watched him and his many offspring. We hope to collar some of these offspring this summer and post their movements.



  1. Wow he was 10? He lived a long life then if he is indeed gone.

    Thank you for sharing this information with us it's been very interesting so far I always point people to this blog when I can,I'll be sure to stay tuned!

  2. Thanks for listing his age (didn't realize he was that old) and the probability of a wolf in this area living that long. If he has died, and the weather station crew do find his body (big Ifs, it seems), then would a necropsy be possible?

  3. If Brutus was 10 years old, he was pretty old for a wolf in the wild, and the winter might just have been too much for him, even if he was a tough Arctic wolf! If he sired pups, and some of his offspring are part of that pack, then I guess he's done the job nature intended him to do. Rest in peace, Brutus!
    Anne G