June 30, 2010

Yes; No Collaring This Year

It's official, the Inuit have refused to allow any more animal collaring, and our application to collar has been denied.  Again we were very lucky to be given approval to collar last year.

Thus we will concentrate on checking out > 50 probable muskox-kill locations based on 2 or more of Brutus's consecutive locations being in the same place.  We also hope to do a helicopter count of muskoxen and the few Peary caribou in the area.

Much of the information we obtain will be very useful to help explain Brutus' pack movements and behavior last year.  We will keep folks posted with new entries as we learn more.



  1. I wonder why the local Inuit don't want the wolves collared?

  2. What a pitty! Now, where it is very interesting because of the death from Brutus because of starvation. And why the Inuit decide in that way, Dave?

    Christian Berge from germany

  3. Dave..how many of the 50 possible kill sites will be accessible knowing that terrain and distance may be barriers

  4. AnonymousJuly 01, 2010

    What a shame. I was looking forward to seeing if there were any changes in how the pack moved around with their breeding male gone and to see if anyone would disperse.

    I too wonder why they don't want wolves to be collared. I understand some of the controversy in America and other places as people feel they are collared simply so they're easier to find when they kill livestock. But that wouldn't be the case up there too,right?

    Still looking forward to you checking out the locations though. Been looking forward to you guys going back there for a while!

  5. Anonymous,

    Correct; no possibility of using collared wolves here to kill others. Refusal to collar is strictly cultural and political.