October 01, 2010

The Pack Minus Brutus

Following is a quote from a 27th September 2010 report by Weather Station manager, Rai LeCotey, about our study pack. This represents the first piece of information we have since leaving the study area in July.

"There are lot of wolves in the pack again this year and from what I can see, there are 14 pups, 2-3 adults and 3-4 nannies for a total of about 20 wolves. so far. The pups are very shy of us and run away when we drive up so it's hard to count them all, while the adults and nannies don't seem to mind us taking pictures of them."

From this report it appears that the wolves from both active dens we found in July, some 10 miles (16 km) apart have reassembled into one pack now that the pups have become more mobile.

You can imagine how much we wish we had had GPS collars on a few of these wolves!



  1. Dave, do you have any idea why the pups are shy? I thought, normally they look how the adults behave and learn from them. Is it maybe because this is the time were all wolfpups from 4th to 7th sometimes to 15th month are more back and carefull, not to say shy? Or were the parents more used to you and your people when watching them during summertime?


  2. Anonymous,
    Because it takes awhile for them to get used to people. This would be the first time these pups have been around people.

  3. It's absolutely amazing how these wolves can live in that brutal winter environment!
    Kudos to your good work in learning and sharing the knowledge.

    Volker Beckmann
    Thompson, Manitoba, Canada

    thompsonspiritway DOT ca