July 01, 2001

Mech and Medwid were able to fly further into the arctic today, near the home of the weather station that is closest to the North Pole. 

Mech and Medwid: Our last night in Resolute brought snow flurries; for dinner we enjoyed musk ox stew-it was great! Musk oxen is an important for food source for the Inuit.

We arrived at our base today; just missing a big snowstorm which has made things quite muddy. En route from Resolute we saw only 22 musk oxen from the air in over a hundred square miles-the number of musk oxen is lower than we had anticipated. The fjord is still frozen in; a polar bear was seen here about two weeks ago. There have been a few wolf sightings in the last few weeks giving us hope that we may see them for ourselves.

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