July 07, 2001

Some wolf tracks found. More investigation warranted.

Mech and Medwid: Yesterday we found four additional musk oxen carcasses with numerous old and new wolf tracks; these were located some 10 to 15 miles from the traditional den. We will try to investigate the area further in the next few days. Two of the carcasses were eaten by wolves and the other two had apparently died of starvation and decomposed and were only recently found by wolves.

Dave Mech examining a dead musk ox for bone fat content; this appears to have been an extremely severe winter, snow remaining in valleys that Dave has not seen in 15 years of research here.
Yesterday morning we awoke to sunny skies and relatively warm temperatures and mosquitoes! But in an hour or so the skies clouded over bringing temperatures down and also doing in the mosquitoes at least for the moment. Arctic foxes continue to visit camp daily and we spotted one fox pup.

The sun has been out all day today. We've seen 5 arctic hares in a hike of 5 miles today. Our vantage points gave us a view of 10 to 20 square miles with no other sightings of wildlife.

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