July 11, 2001

The final update from the High Arctic.

Mech and Medwid: No more wolf sign, but four new musk ox carcasses for a total of 17 for the trip, most of them starved. On a more positive note we did see three groups totaling 16 including one calf in an area where once you could see over 100. No new arctic hares seen.

We did find a spectacular eyrie of a gyrfalcon located in a rocky outcropping overlooking a large river basin. The "nest" -actually a rocky ledge-looked like it had been used for an extremely long period of time.

We're flying out tomorrow to Resolute Bay and on Saturday from there to Edmonton. On Sunday we return home.

Thanks for looking in on our progress as we searched to find Explorer. We can only hope that some day the prey population will increase and a new wolf pack will again inhabit this area.

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